Round Placemats
Battenburg Round Placemat
Crochet Round Placemat
Embroidery Round Placemat

Huge Selections of the Elegant Square Placemats.
Battenburg Square Placemat
Crochet Square Placemats
Crystal Lace Square Placemat
Hemstitch Square Placemat
14″ x 14″ Square

Double Twisted Hemstitch Placemat
Coconut Milk Color
14″ x20″.

Extra Fancy Hemstitch Placemats

Hemstitch Placemats
Festive Multicolor.
14″x20″ Placemats

Simple Placemats
Plain Elegeant
Sepia Rose color Placemat
Tiramisa color Placemat

Hemstitch Square Placemat
Square Placemat Polka Dots
Red Polka Dot Placemat
Orange Polka Dot Placemat
Blue Polka Dot Placemat
Chocolate Polka Dots
14″x14″ Square. All Linen.

Hemstitch Placemat
Elegant Festive Colors
14″ x 20″